MAS348 Game Theory 2020-2021

Lecturer: Dr M Katzman


Please familiarize yourself with the Blackboard page. All the materials for the course are there, and online office hours will be delivered with Blackboard's "Collaborate Ultra".


The plan is to have in-person lectures as follows:

  • Monday 4pm, Lecture Theatre 1

  • Friday 4pm, Lecture Theatre 1

In the event that lectures move online, these will be available on Blackboard's "Collaborate Ultra"

If you cannot attend in-person lectures or if you would feel more comfortable studying online, you can attend my two weekly feedback sessions (see below).

Feedback sessions (office hours)

Online on Blackboard's "Collaborate Ultra":

  • Tuesday 10am

  • Friday 11am

During these online sessions I will answer questions, go over the material of the previous lectures and homework problems.

If for any reason you do not attend lectures, these sessions will help you keep track of the course.




Four homework assignments, partly as online tests, mostly as Crowdmark assignments.


  • Cooperative games - pure strategies (3 lectures)

  • Nash equilibria in Economics: monopolies, duopolies and oligopolies (2 lectures)

  • Cooperative games - mixed strategies (3 lectures)

  • Sequential games (5 lectures)

  • Repeated games (4 lectures)

  • Bayesian games (3 lectures)

Syllabus (PDF, KB)

Lectures' slides and notes

Compact format of the above slides (PDF, 350KB)


The following texts are excellent and each contains all the material in MAS348, (and much more). I encourage you to read the relevant sections in them.

M J Osborne. An introduction to game theory, Oxford University Press (2003). (Library holdings)

K G Binmore. Playing for real: a text on game theory, Oxford University Press (2007). (Library holdings)

The Exam

Format: TBA

The 2013-14 exam (PDF, 92KB) and its solution (PDF, 58KB).

The 2014-15 exam (PDF, 90KB) and its solution (PDF, 54KB).

The 2015-16 exam (PDF, 108KB) and its solution (PDF, 61KB).

The 2016-17 exam (PDF, 74KB) and its solution (PDF, 48KB).

The 2017-18 exam (PDF, 84KB) and its solution (PDF, 63KB).

The 2018-19 exam (PDF, 81KB) and its solution (PDF, 58KB).

A Mock exam used in 2013-14 (PDF, 96KB) and its solution (PDF, 54KB).

Useful links

Tim Roughgarden's Game theory through the computational lens, a very good lecture covering some of the material in this course.

A FT article* on the relevance of the Median Voter Theorem to our current state of affairs.

An article on Nash equilibrium in The Economist.

Robert Reich on monopolies

The game of Chomp! and a Chomp! strategy book (PDF, 111KB)

Some common games referred to in the course: chess, tic-tac-toe (aka noughts and crosses)

Braess's Paradox in action!